a person who has a stick up their b-tt. they must be a pain about everything. anyone who takes this name upon them should be removed. they are pieces of the eternal darkness, and should be burned with light. hint. hint. hint.
voidshards should be treated as if they are trump bombs.
dont be such a voidshard.
i am a voidshard (everyone runs screaming.)
void shards generate a large field of void energy around them, causing all units that enter it to take damage over time. the void shards also generate portals to the void when attacked that sp-wn enemies to defend it. when attacking a void shard, concentrate on destroying it instead of the enemies sp-wned; the shard’s destruction will stop the enemy forces from reinforcing their numbers and will eliminate the field of void energy damaging the player’s units.

each time a void shard is destroyed, the remaining shards’ shields will increase. the rate of damage inflicted on surrounding units also increases.

in “rifts to korhal,” void shards sp-wn at set points on the map, and will attack the player’s forces with a small area of effect attack. the attack will damage the player’s units and stun them for a short time, akin to the attacks of oblivion constructs.
amon deployed several void shards on aiur around the overmind’s carc-ss. the shards drained life from the land around them to feed amon’s host body as it prepared to awaken.

void shards appear in the mission “the host” in legacy of the void campaign and in the co-op mission “rifts to korhal”. in both missions, destroying the void shards is the main objective.

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