awesome, loving friend all ways looking out for his friends.
oh my, he is so volkman.

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  • walk it back

    when a skeezy politician who makes an idiotic statement that reflects his real opinion has it pointed out how stupid, racist, h-m-phobic, etc. his comment was, uses a form of time travel to “walk it back” & say something less idiotic to replace his original statement. “no, it wasn’t a mistake. i said exactly what […]

  • wallet weeper

    a stingy -ss who doesn’t spend for his friends at parties. he conceals the money every time from his friends. peter is a wallet weeper and his nasty att-tude sucks big time. i wonder how his girl friend survives.

  • w*nking about

    to engage in d-ckish behavior. used in the same spirit as “to f-ck about”, “f-ck around”, or “screw around”. we would have gotten here much faster if so many other drivers weren’t w-nking about the whole time.

  • wet sn*tch syndrome

    the phenomenon of a girl’s underwear getting soaking wet after s-xual activities or being turned on chris: that was great! ann: yeah! but now i’ve got a case of wet sn-tch syndrome.

  • wet winker

    when one’s winker (bunghole) is moist with sweat creating a wet environment with a ripe booty juice. carla worked her cardio routine on the gym stair master for over an hour. with each rising step she could feel the sweat dripping down giving her one really wet winker.

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