when feeling ill and preparing breakfast, usually after a night of heavy drinking, one vomits into the pan in which they are cooking. thus, a vomelette is created.
note: eggs do not necessarily have to be the food being prepared.
joe: dude, i was so hungover from last night, that i made a vomelette this morning.

frank: oh god! what did you do with it?

joe: well, i still ate it. eggs are expensive.
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when the omelette on your plate is so thin and looks so greasy and disgusting with the veggies, meat and cheese flopping out all over the plate that it just looks like a big pile of vomit
kim: what’d you get at the caf?

kirk: the usual, only there was a new cook and he just threw a vomelette on my plate–it was so gross i couldn’t even eat it!

kim: that sucks, dude.

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