a combining form meaning “one that eats” what is specified by the initial element:
compare -vora, -vorous.

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  • -vorous

    a combining form meaning “eating, gaining sustenance from” that specified by the initial element: carnivorous. -vorous combining form feeding on or devouring carnivorous derived forms -vore, combining_form:in_noun:countable word origin from latin -vorus; related to vorāre to swallow up, devour -vorous comb form meaning “eating,” from l. -vorous, from stem of vorare “to devour” (see voracious).

  • -wacky

    -wacky combining word crazy, nutty: car-wacky/ chick-wacky (mid-1940s+)

  • -wad

    -wad combining word a disgusting or unpleasant person •used as second formative in d-ckwad, dipwad, dripwad, phlegmwad, jerkwad, sc-mwad, and tightwad; -wad joins -bag, -ball and -head as very productive elements for forming insults [1980s+ & ’90s teenagers; fr several sources: wad as defined above; wad, ”an unattractive or unpopular person,” in late 1800s college […]

  • -ward

    a native english suffix denoting spatial or temporal direction, as specified by the initial element: toward; seaward; afterward; backward. also, -wards. usage note -ward suffix (forming adjectives) indicating direction towards a backward step, heavenward progress (forming adverbs) a variant and the usual us and canadian form of -wards word origin old english -weard towards -wards […]

  • -wards

    variant of -ward: towards; afterwards. usage note -wards suffix indicating direction towards a step backwards, to sail sh-r-wards compare -ward word origin old english -weardes towards

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