someone who likes watching someone have s-x with their partner
a person who derives s-xual gratification from observing the naked bodies or s-xual acts of others, especially from a secret vantage point.
a lot of pervs get turned on by voyeurism
the act of watching any personal act, including s-xual acts.

i love watching strangers have s-x. i’m way into voyeurism!
the only reason p-rnography exists and thrives. well, at least that of nerdy teenage virgins.
example dialogue concerning voyeurism:

daniel swartzburg: watching others copulate? how repulsive and vile could one get? that’s a sick, pathetic violation of basic human privacy and intimacy, which cheapens the value of s-x, and turns fellow men into drooling, peeping, lecherous pigs! be gone, filthy heathen!

edward johnson: -_- true, but it’s also the reason you log in every sat-rday to “study” -ssignments kandi c-x through olivia del rio…

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