vrchat the type of cancer you like to go to when you want to feel some what social. it mostly consists of lollies and pedophile’s if you want to get freaky with some anime chick vrchat is the place for you

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  • fakewanker

    someone who talks a lot of game and has ability but never follows through with it. never finishes the race or sometimes even starts it but talks about it a sh-t ton. dane talks a lot about trying to f-ck girls, and probably can, but just doesn’t because of unknown reasons. probably insecurities. what a […]

  • rejectionist

    the other part of a receptionist’s job. miss mccallen receives mail and packages, and welcomes visitors to the company’s headquarters, but as an experience “rejectionist” is also very good at preventing unwelcomed visitors from seeing the company’s executives.

  • ryan mcauliffe

    the worst brother. not funny. too lit for anyone. will regret meeting him. somewhat decent baseball player. hey, did you meet ryan mcauliffe last night? yeah he is awful!!!!

  • slide it

    didn’t say it and or is irrelevant i slide it like why would i say that to him

  • crazybeautifuloutofthisworldamazing

    a word used to describe someone you met that you really like. izzy for short. i met this girl and she was sooo izzy. crazybeautifuloutofthisworldamazing.

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