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  • weymouth kids

    weymouth kids are the toughest kids in the south sh-r-. kids from surrounding towns always talk sh-t about them but would get the sh-t beat outta them if they went face to face with one of them. the only kids in the south sh-r- that know how to work and not have everything given to […]

  • streepish

    adjective used to describe someone who either looks beautiful or looks like sh-t; nothing in between celebrities that could be described as streepish: meryl streep, uma therman, susan sarandon, sandra bullock i would describe her look as streepish, as she is either breathlessly beautiful or looks like a dude from one moment to the next.

  • b**baronie

    slang for b–b, breast or t-tty. a mix between a b–by and a pepperoni pizza. b–baronie dude, those b–baronies are sick

  • zared

    beautiful, smart, talented,fye yooo zared is so fye and cute asfff

  • drifttwo

    some d-ck who thinks his sh-t dont stink. also good at website dev,website security,and everything. drifttwo

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