the initials of vanessa s burke. to be the sh-t, to be fun, to have a great time. the girl that we all want, but think we can’t have. truth is though, if you hang out with her, you’ll notice that she’s open ,to everything and we all have a chance, but, i’m in line first.

to be gorgeous, but to invision yourself as ugly.
to be blind.
“she’s hott”
“i’d so her”
“do you think i have a chance with her”
“she’s too good for you”
“well, it’s worth a try”
“she thinks she’s nasty”
“f-ck you serious?”
“sh-t, another vsb? what the f-ck”

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  • V-Safe

    a man who has had a vasectomy, thus cannot have children. a common term in the swinger/adult community. often combined with “d/d free” (drug and disease free) to indicate a guy you can safely have unprotected s-x with with no risk of unwanted pregnancies. i’m d/d free and v-safe. pick me vanna!

  • waking up Irish

    when you wake up still drunk from the night before. i must’ve been really drunk last night because i woke up irish this morning. mary was tired of her husband waking up irish so she shot him. don’t get too drunk tonight, no one wants to wake up irish.

  • groady garza

    rectally pleasing another with a frozen s-m-n d-ld- i was thinking about dating her but then she asked me to groady garza her.

  • grodenarsty

    extremely disgusting i.e grody or nasty (thus, grodenarsty) o-m-g that food for lunch was so grodenarsty!!!

  • Groomsman

    a man who tries to get the groom to come to his senses before he commits to a life long nightmare. dude, im your groomsman trust me.

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