its development began in the late 1980s, when the spetsnaz command requested the development of specialised weapons to suit spetsnaz operation modes. before that time, the spetsnaz had used ak-47/akm with detachable silencers and special subsonic ammunition and stechkin apsb pistols. in 1980s, however, it was decided that those weapons were not adequate.
vss “vintorez” had been designed around a proprietary cartridge, designed solely for stealthy shots in the presence of enemy forces, the sp-5/sp-6. measuring 9×39 mm, it is loaded with a heavy bullet, which travels with subsonic speeds thus carrying considerable more energy that smaller and faster rounds. the sp-5 is standard ammo, while the sp-6 is a special armor-piercing round.
technically, vss “vintorez” is a gas-operated silenced rifle. it, just like as “val”, has separate safety lever and fire mode b-tton. however, automatic fire is intended only for emergency situations, and puts inordinate strain on the gun.
vss “vintorez” is intended for the sniper duty.
did you hear something? look out sni

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vss stands for “very small sh-llscript” technology and has it’s basis in a plaque that once, way back when, could be bought at thinkgeek that said “go away or i will replace you with a very small sh-llscript”. applicapble wherever ingenoius small perl, bash or sh scripts have been employed advantageusly.
this site is powered by vss.
virtual skype s-x
guy : im feeling h-rny after being away from you for the past 3 month.

girl : lets do vss tonight

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