hairy v-g-n-. pubic jungle
“i need to shave, my vuhjugle is out of control”

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  • V8 Moment

    when you miss the point, or simply forget. tim: ‘joe, there’s an open lane here. we can check out here. joe: ‘dude, we’re staying in lane 6.’ tim: ‘h-llo! lane seven is open.’ joe: ‘alright, we’ll go. but there’s the hot girl who likes you…too late.’ tim: ‘oops, i had a v8 moment.’

  • vagange

    another word for a v-g-n- the stripper had the prettiest vagange i ever saw.

  • Vag-hook

    verb: the act of fish-hooking a woman by the -ahem-, private area, usually used to move said woman out of one’s way joe: b-tch just wouldn’t step off. so i vag-hooked her across the room jim: you da man! -high fives- … jim: we’re both going to h-ll for this. joe: yup.

  • Vagina cartwheels

    an elaborate s-xual maneuver involving weeks of preparation and a large initial cost investment (should be avoided by all but the most committed and enthusiastic individuals). supplies needed: octopus, gym membership, a fun-loving and adventure-seeking spirit, more lube than you’ve ever used in your life, an on-site surgeon (in case of disaster) and grimm’s book […]


    the triangle shaped resturaunt where men and occasionaly woman go to dine on some of the best hair pie and vaginer melt sandwichs usually open twenty four seven,located in the valley between the female legs, north of the cucca cave. ross was excited to find out that his female boss also enjoyed chowing at the […]

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