short for vulgar.
what you just said about that b-tch’s c-nt was so vulg!

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  • vagina case

    meant to be a derrogitory word. however, it is often only used by losers and those who use it are often bagged for several months to come. year 7: your a v-g-n- case year 9: what the f-ck is a v-g-n- case. friggin loser.

  • vagina mcguyver

    a man that can a v-g-n- no matter where he is, or the surroundings, no matter where he is… he always finds v-g-n- way to be a v-g-n- mcguyver at the gay bar last night

  • vag pole

    a term used to describe the stripper poles at the pleasure dome in white haven, pennsylvania. originally coined by a group of friends at the shinglenook. 1. look at her grind that vag pole 2. those vag poles sure are slippery

  • Vagumache

    when a girls v-g-n- area and stomache cannot be differentiated. also know foopah. d-mn, nicks mom used to be fine but now she has a gut. yeah she sure developed quite a vagumache, but i’d still hit it.

  • Vain Booking

    constant, inane updates about every social move in someones life. normally undertaken by those with a over zealous view of their own importance in others lives, or by those that realize their life is meaningless and try to buy social cred with ex school mates by these constant updates. names and places mentioned are normally […]

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