nissan’s variable valve lift technology that was implemented on the sr20ve,sr16ve, and sr16ve-n1 engines.
guy1: i’m looking for a new cylinder head for my infiniti g20? what do you recommend?

guy2: get the vvl cylinder head.
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visible v-g-n-l lips

the new vpl, only much worse. usually seen on individuals that are wearing excessively tight leggings/jeggings without appropriately covering up their credentials. also featured on ladies wearing dresses that are far too short for them, too-small bikinis, and any other item of clothing where nothing much is left to the imagination of the people around them.
“man her leggings are so tight she has vvl!”
acronym of voins von lebon which is a transliteration of german phrase that refers to the “order of life” but when used colloquially, refers to the idea of the food chain. to be vvl is to be at the top of the food chain
vvl all day

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