white trash party

as made famous by eminem
so let’s have us a little bash
and if anyone asks
if there ain’t no one but us trash
you dunno, you better akse somebody
cuz we’re havin’ a white trash party (w.t.p.)!
w.t.p = white trash party

w.t.p. is a song from eminem’s new alb-m recovery which is officially released today.
ain’t nothin’ but a wtp! white trash party!
the short term for”whats the plan”
nick:im bored; wtp sat-rday?
miranda: lets go to the movies
work the p-ssy (for males)
work the p-n-s ( for females)
i told michael to wtp when he was trying to get this girl.
what the p–p?
wtp are you doing?
what’s the point. mainly used by a group of people on twitter, whom are lead by joe aka twitter user @ doritjoes.
“it’s raining… wtp”
what the postage stamp
a phrase only used by cool kids, when they dont want to get in trouble for saying something worse
wtps chad asked me to prom!

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