a cross between n00b and weenie. basically a weenie-ish n00b.
you’re not even a n00b, you’re like, a w00b.
someone very huggable and sweet; someone needing a hug; someone who basically just makes the sympathy gush out of you, and you go ‘awwwwww.’

a ‘w00bie’ is someone who displays these qualities.
neville longbottom is such a w00b. he’s so very w00bie, just like col. brandon.
someone who means a h-ll of a lot to someone
rarer than just being gf or bf.
i love you w00by
my w00b!
a combo of w00t and n00b resulting in no meaning at all, but an insult.
sikev is a w00b.
function: noun
usage: online only. mainly seen in hgl’s chat-1 channel. infiltration beyond online world is imminent.
etymology: w00t + n00b = w00b
date: late 2007

1. multiple online character names in h-llgate london game.
2. possible formation of the largest clan in h-llgate london.
3. also see “zerg”

1. this is w00blicious!
2. morning w00b!
3. the w00b is unstoppable. resistance is futile.
4. why don’t you join the w00b.

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