used to describe something that is cr-p or lame. 1 level of wackness below wacaday.
“look at that dude, he looks like he’s out of that cr-p band band the horrors, he’s carrying a taxi driver photoshopped canvas”
“i think he thinks he’s cool”
“but he’s totally wackajack”
“yes he is”

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  • Wack the Bird

    male m-st-rb-t–n. commonly used as a slang term describing the s-xual acts of one, like “beat the meat.” dude, beat the meat is so out of style, use wack the bird. i wack the bird every time i see her.

  • Douche-in-a-Box

    1 or more people who play xbox and are constantly negative while other people are talking in a lobby(usally around the age of 21 and talk sh-t to those younger than them) justin: hey andrew, are we going to kareem’s house today? andrew: i think so. douche-in-a-box: (mocking tone) are we going to kareems house […]

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