a cute little old lady, who works in a detention center. she says funny things in a thick southern brawl like, “i’m gettin to ol’ and saggy for this sh-t” and she could beat up any mother f-cker that messes with her.
“sh-t, wadbee’s at it again!”

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  • wadcakes

    (n.) the hardened c-m that builds up on the inside of your pants after ejaculating “i had some sweet wadcakes after i spewed a load in my drawers.”

  • Wagisha

    exuberant with confidence and maturely childish. the perfect woman the world could see, hear and experience. person 1:”oh look! there’s wagisha” person 2:”i wish i could be like her” -sobs-

  • wagmar

    n. the lower outer portion of the back of the human body, extending roughly from just below the small of the back to the posterior. origin unknown “young american women believe that a tattoo on their wagmar is not only fashionable, but draws needed attention to their b-ttocks.”

  • big backyard

    any individual, usually female, that has a large -ss. that girls got a pretty face and a big backyard.

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    a popular term beginning to catch on in the western united states, used as an subst-tute interjection for “yee-haw!” for non-cowboys. john, waving to david: “big dild!!” david, reciprocating: “big dild!!”

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