what is a wafer, you ask? a wafer is a thin, crisp cake, biscuit, or candy. it sort of feels like a thin piece of styrofoam.

there are many types of wafers. there are crisp, flavored, possibly chocolate frosted wafers, then there are -ssorted candy wafers. and who could forget nilla wafers?

but when you really get down to it, what is a wafer?
when you actually sit and think about it, you may begin to feel that a wafer is not actually real. it basically is flavorless nothing. i mean, think about it, what is a wafer? by simply writing this definition, and thinking about it, i’m beginning to lose all rational thought, and the incomprehendible idea of the actual existence of a wafer, is slipping away.

a wafer, my friends, is nothing…
me: how much for this package of -ssorted wafers?
nick: -chuckles-
cashier: those wafers are 80 cents.
nick: -chuckles-
me: thank you. i would like to purchase these candy wafers.
nick: -raucous belly laughter-
cashier: e shnaba, kaybillus von shnoigin tway.

richard: i have sucked all the cheese of this dorito, and it is now just a wafer.
another way to call someone a f-gbag. a wafer refers to someone who is: gay, sl-tty, f-ggoty, or just a plain loser
yo man your sutch a wafer.
a very skinny person
dude! look at that wafer, she must weigh like 2 pounds.
the most effeminate of males. one with loads and loads of product in his hair. squeezes his little shake-weight muscles into extra-small v-neck t-shirts. can be found bedazzling his wannabe designer jeans on the weekends.
it took mike over 2 hours to get ready last night. i heard he buys his clothes at baby gap. he’s such a wafer.
slang for ecstasy (metilenodioximetanfetamina).
when you’re on wafers you get euphoric.
a flavorless cracker, i.e. a white, middle aged man with no personality or street sense, a dry sense of humor often seen on the golf channel. women can also be wafers, however the woman wafer is called a “waffle”.
waffle wafer
a wafer is a term used to describe a young white n-gg- who is a f-ggot, d-ck, p-ssy, and or likes to dock.
man he’s a f-ckin wafer

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