some one who steals waffles
” i am! the waffeler”
” d-mn that waffeler did it again! stole my d-mn waffles “

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  • wagglef*ck

    a sad or poor attempt from a large group of people in preforming some sort of task or job. “look at all of these people trying to dance!” “i know, looks like a complete wagglef-ck.”

  • moep0r

    teh pwnage on teh leet awsmoe wrlod !!11elf dude1: wow…. !! he is a moep0r dude2: ya, you’re f.ing rgith

  • mammy dancing

    the outrageous actions exhibited by a parent when informed of their child’s inappropriate behavior in cl-ss. that parent came in and was mammy dancing in my room for fifteen minutes before i could say anything!

  • manamal

    a male who is a beast at sports or any compet-ton and at kicking your -ss. whoa! that runningback just knocked that linebacker on his -ss.that guy is a freakin’ manamal. a cute word used in the place of “animal” by those of the female and h-m-s-xual persuasion. ’tis a manamal, therefore it is dawgie!

  • boat monkey

    a female companion on a boat that will take care of everyone’s s-xual desires, usually heavy drinking is involved. hey dave, did you get a chance to use lindsy on your boat trip last week? man, you get her drunk and she turns into quite the boat monkey.

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