cantonese way of answering the phone
-ring ring..-
wai? mikey?
acronym for working as intended
the software is wai, it’s not a glitch.
a remarkably intelligent female student with a low idiot tolerance. nevertheless, wais often have random sides. they are renowned for their steadfast loyalty and frank advice.
“i just started a food fight in the cafeteria. i don’t know whether or not i should ask wai for help. either she’ll defend me with a tray or tell me i’m an idiot for starting a food fight.”
very rough j-panese for “yay.” it can also be used to express (good) surprise.
commonly used among otaku.
shuichi-chan!! wai!!!!!
wai, shiny things!!!
an extremely short,paranoid, funny and slightly vain. believes all the chicks like him..okay. loves to be center of attention at times interesting yet annoying.
that’s extremely wais of you.
who am i?
i find legal doc-ments very interesting to read and decipher. but i am not a lawyer. wai?
a. my friend heather sent me a picture, it says “wai: hawaiian for water.”

b. it was a very popular name for kids that were born in the late 70’s and early 80’s in hong kong. who knows, it might still be popular??
aloha, this is my friend wai from hong kong, she likes to drink wai.

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