walking the camel.

the act of wearing too tight short-shorts (or any tight apparel; jeans, leotard, pantyhose, panties, etc., in the crotch) , causing a ‘camel-toe’ to appear as the fabric of the shorts splits the l-b– majora to the v-g-n-, then stopping every few steps to remove them from the v-g-n-. usually performed by p-b-scent girls in theme parks.

performing the same function for public self-gratification.
“doesn’t that girl look ridiculous walking the camel?”

“does she enjoy walking the camel?

“why doesn’t she buy comfortable shorts instead of walking the camel? ”
“wow, dude! that hot chick is walking the camel!”

“i like to wear tight shorts to disney world and walk the camel until i c-m.”
“i tease myself in public by walking the camel. ”
” i love to walk the camel in public and get off without anyone knowing. ”
” with the seam of my jeans deep inside, i start my day by walking my dog and my camel. “

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