conservative talk radio host, michael savage’s, nickname for fellow talk radio host sean hannity.
don’t call me a great american. that’s something that wallbanger likes to hear.
s-xual intercourse that takes place up against a wall, usually furtive. most often takes place due to not being able to share a bedroom with one’s love when visiting family for the holidays, because of strict parental guidelines, regardless of one’s age.
while everyone was in the dining room feasting on the christmas goose, mark and christine snuck around the corner by the den for a wallbanger before dessert arrived on the table.
short for harvey wallbanger, a c-cktail made from orange juice and vodka, not red bull.
downed a few wallbangers before heading to the church, and suddenly i had no qualms about getting married anymore!
raucous s-xual intercourse resulting in a bed headboard hitting the wall loudly and repet-tively. often a nuisance to people in adjacent room(s). frequent occurrence in hotels and motels.
i slept deeply at the hotel until awakened by a booze-fueled wallbanger in room 215. s-x f-ckfest
old slang for a quaalude in the late 70s – early 80s
i got so messed up on some wallbangers last night that i fell down my staircase
a tablet of quaalude, a sedative-hypnotic drug popular in the 1960-70s
i’d stay away from those wallbangers if i were you.
(example of wallbanger)
a wall banger is a way for many of todays youth to get a natural high; from making eachother p-ssout.

how this is achieved you might ask?

well, first you would stand straight up against a wall. than you take 13-15 large breaths and push all the blood preasure into your head. hold your breath in and have a friend put all their preasure on your chest. you p-ss out for 20 seconds to a minute, and enjoy!
1. wow that wall banger was fun man, your turn!

2. wall bangers are great but i think i’m getting brain damage man…

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