a gorgeous, tall, hilarious, sarcastic girl who can make your day any day.
wallene is so funny! i love her!
wallene is the prettiest girl that i’ve ever seen!

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  • Wallet Tease

    a person who, knowing that there friend/ significant other will insist on paying, reaches for their wallet as if to pay. but in reality, they’re broke as h-ll. i just saw jim wallet tease sam. what a douche bag.

  • wall hit

    method of smoking cannabis in which the smoker takes a large toke, stands with their back against a wall, crosses arms across chest, then has a partner press on their chest/arms slowly but forcefully as the smoker exhales slowly (or attempts to). causes m-ssive head rush and intensifies the hit. usually ends with smoker on […]

  • Wallop the donkey

    manspeak for having s-x with the wife. some men, especially those who have been married for years, don’t perceive “walloping the donkey” as a pleasure. instead, it is seen as an onerous, unpleasant and even potentially dangerous ch-r-. something that needs to be done so that you can get on with enjoying life’s true pleasures […]

  • Clanfuq

    clanfuq is an organization founded in 1999. located on the gamesurge irc network in #clanfuq. the catch prase for said channel is “drama all the time”. from: irc.gamesurge.net #clanfuq owchies? owchies is when you and yer buddy crank it up in yer garage till 530am. sigh mf sigh lmao me and wes got fuqn owned […]

  • Clique Gypsy

    a person that is accepted in multiple groups of people. yesterday i saw him hanging with the jocks. the day before, i saw him hanging with the goth kids. today he is around a bunch of preps. he must be a clique gypsy.

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