1. the wallyites were a group of people who were accidentally brainwashed into worshipping wally as a god or holy man.
~from the dilbert tv series.

2. a wallyite is a person trying emulate wally from the dilbert comic. a person who is using all there intellect and trickery to do as little work as possible by p-ssing it to another or find project you cant be graded on.

a wallyite only reason to come to work is :
*free coffee or meal
*place to nap
*free wifi or internet
*free money.

a wallyite is usually found on the job:
*selling corperate suppiles online
*sleeping in there cubicle

* checking there social media every second
*finding new ways to be lazier, shove there work to another, or a lazier project that they can even less work

note: a wallyite can exist outside the corporate world. in a resturant, at a coffee shop, in a warehoue, etc practically anywhere.

thanks scott adams
dilbert: theres a parade of a wallyites outside our building right now

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