wanaque is the small town between ringwood and pomton lakes. its a quiet town with hot grls crazy parties and weed. aslo home the infamous lakeland regoinal high school, home of the slip n slide dont try to top it cause u cant!
aka the q, ll, wtown, small -sss town, ringwood ave,get big town
man the kids from wanaque are crazy son.
a hick, working cl-ss, valley town lodged between pompton lakes and ringwood, which also happen to be, unbelievably, just as lame. wanaque is known for a vast amount of “pizza” (well they call it pizza) places and liquor stores as these are clearly the only things in life you could ever dream of needing. it is also home to a super stop and shop which totally makes the ringwood stop and shop look like america’s b-m hole, and an enormous reservoir that the locals enjoy casual swims in (newark, i would not drink your tap water, as this is it’s source). chances are, if you searched urban dictionary for this, you’re probably from there, and if that’s the case, i’m sorry, i’m really, really, sorry.
” ‘you’re from where?’, ‘i’m from wanaque…’, ‘wana-what?…’, ‘wan-a-que'”

” ‘so i drove past wanaque last night…’, ‘wana-where?..'”
a sh-tty -ss town with jew -ss cops and nothing to do. one road in, one road out. everyone just chills and blazes cuz there aint sh-t to do all day
wanaque really sucks cuz theres never sh-t to do here besides blaze

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