Wang splang

a w-ng splang is when a male genitelia region (in other words a p-n-s) is taken by the index finger from the bottem and pulled up words. the index finger owner then shouts out “w-ng splang” and leaves the room incospiculesly.
did you see greg just w-ng splang billy?

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    1. to become seriously w-ngified. 2. to lose terribly or become embar-ssed. dude, you got totally w-ngz0rd.

  • warezin

    looking up media on warez sites for download. im warezin the new snoop alb-m, sell see if its available for download.

  • Warm part

    another word for the male part formally known as “p-n-s.” kevin: hey, i hear you let susan touch your warm part. great job. 😉 dave: oh yeah? where’d you hear this from? kevin: i was there.

  • war scooch

    literally, scooch aquired during war. used by military members overseas to talk about a host-nation girl they are banging. this is usually not an exclusive relationship. “hey man, do you miss your girlfriend?” “yeah, but my war scooch helps me p-ss the time.”

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