someone that is a complete and utter idiot that doesn’t know what the f–k he’s doing.
you are a total w-ngdoozle

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  • dipanni

    someone who has a very small p-n-s and attempts to pull every girl he sees. bruh chill ur being such an dipanni

  • than a b*tch

    to the maximum extent. mathematically denoted as: lim x → ∞ d-mn, it’s hotter than a b-tch up in this motherf-cker.

  • shawman eye

    shawman eye is the eye of the shawman…beware of its use for its summoning brings with it a presence so beware of the presence and use of ” shawman eye” by tru and epiphany thompson aka the seers of the shawman beware of the shawman eye for the shawman lives now and forever spread the […]

  • turnip d*ck

    a male with half a chode shut up turnip d-ck

  • shushnipple

    is when you grab tape and slap it on a hairy nipple and rip it off with godly force he got shushnippled

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