a man who happens to be a w-nker
that bloke adrian brick likes to get with underage girls, what a w-nkermen

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  • w*nkers wings

    the flabby upper arm fat that moves up and down when in the moment of a tense w-nk lol look at my w-nkers wings , the faster i w-nk the more it flaps, they’re take off in a minute

  • w*nking face

    the face one pulls while in the act of masterbating lol you should see martins w-nking face, it looks like his seen a ghost and got a wheelbarrow up his -ss

  • waste of c*m

    an awesome insult, perfect for use on just about anyone f-ck you, you waste of c-m.

  • wet sink

    wet sink is used to describe a tw-t you’re a wet sink

  • wheren

    contraction of “where” and “when”, for people too lazy, or possibly too busy, to type out both, and a conjunction. wheren we gonna meet? wheren is the bar crawl starting?

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