a w-nkydanky is someone who spends most of their time masturbating.
dont be a w-nkydanky dude, atleast go outside sometimes.

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  • waterogasm

    someone who m-st-rb-t-s in water and reaches a -rg-sm. , a -rg-sm in wasterr i had a w-nk in the swimming pool and had a waterogasm

  • weird vibe

    an unusual and/or somewhat uncomfortable feeling in response to a person, place or situation. grandma’s birthday party had a weird vibe. at her request, the dj kept playing “it’s raining men” over and over again. some beach towns in california have a weird vibe, but i keep going back to ’em.

  • well said d*ckhead

    the correct response and third cheeky come-back to cl-ssic australianism cheers big ears, same goes big nose banter. you – “cheers big ears” them – “same goes big nose” you – “well said d-ckhead”

  • what's frying

    another way of saying what’s good, what’s popping, h-llo, hi, etc jason bro, i haven’t seen you in so long. what’s fryinggg?

  • wet pretzel

    when someone is being extremely lame, or inconveniencing you. much like finding a bowl full of soaked pretzels in your kitchen sink. john, don’t be such a wet pretzel.

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