Wannsee Conference

chaired by ss general reinhard heydrich in january of 1942 in the suburbs of grosse wannsee in berlin, the conference consisted of high ranking n-z- officials which included adolf eichmann and gerhard klopfer representing hitler’s secretary martin bormann and roland freisler who was judge-president of the people’s court or volksgerichtshof which condemned those who dared openly oppose the n-z-s, the conference also included dr. wilhelm stuckart who wrote the notorious nuremberg race laws in 1934 which prevented jews from marrying into “aryan families” and which expelled jews from academic and medical professions as well as citizenship which rendered them landless and stripped them of basic rights. the wannsee conference lasted for a little over 2 hours and condemned millions of jews to a certain death and gave birth to auschwitz-birkenau concentration camp in poland. reinhard heydrich was -ss-ssinated in 1942 by british trained czech agents on the streets of prague, adolf eichmann was eventually arrested in argentina by mossad agents and sentenced to death in israel for crimes against the jewish people, roland freisler was killed in his own courtroom before he could condemn 3 young german officers to death by a direct hit to his own courtroom while he tried to gather important papers for the trial, gerhard klopfer after the war went into banking and died in 1989.
the wannsee conference gave rise to industrial killing in n-z- germany.

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