wash up

a ghetto bath…. u mainly take a damp towell/wash rag.. and wash yourself while standing w/ full clothes on…
“boy, you had bath today?” “momma i had a wash up!”
a wash-up is someone, whose best years are over, a worn out has-been, who is past his prime and over the hill.
heckler: “it is not funny, that’s why you’re a reject, never had no shows, never had no movies, ‘seinfeld’ – that’s it!”
michael richards: “oh, i guess you got me there. you’re absolutely right. i’m just a wash-up. gotta stand on the stage.”
to cleanse another of an embarr-ssing moment.
like when a person does or says something stupid or gross, it would be appropriate to tell them to “wash up.”
(verb)common phrase used in maritimes referring to the act of washing hands or simply cleaning ones self.
“bobby, go wash up before supper, you’ve been playing outside all day”
“but mom!…”
refers to the people of wrightsville beach that can no longer handle the lumina street scene…so they pack it up and move to the south-end.
hey what ever happened to that party chick?

oh i hear shes a wash up down near crystal pier.
to cook crack.
john: you straight?

jacob: yeah, man. imma get the soft from my dude and wash up myself.

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