a character from death note the anime. he is l or ryuuzaki’s faithful servant.
l: hiyaku watari (hurry up watari)
watari: hi l-sama (yes sir)
a person who copies all what some other person does. a watari tends to look for someone cool, or hip to copy, and anything the hip person does, the watari, will copy.

a strange thing is, the watari usually contradicts himself constantly.

also, the watari is a constant liar. he will boast and brag and exaggerate anything.

the watari is usually an avid user of emoticons. such as, ^_^;; _ _; –;. he will also use emoticons he sees without knowing the actual meaning of it.
-after i bought an ipod, he started getting into apple products! what a watari!
-after i started to play starcraft, he started to play too! he’s such a watari!
-hey, check out my cool computer. the watari speaking: hey! i want one too!

-the watari: lolol ps2 got jacked by nintendo, nintendo rules all!
(the hip cool guy buys a ps2)
the watari: oh yeah ps2 is way cool now!

-the watari: man, initial d is soooo lame.
the cool guy: i like initial d.
the watari: oh yeah initial d! that’s cool!

the watari: hey guys i can do a noseslide! (while not being able to do it at all)

the watari: hey guys, my mom died. ^_^
one of the 108 stars featured in the game suikoden 3. he is a ninja who doesn’t talk too often, has a past with ayame (who wishes to harm him), and is really good in combat. his star type is chikou.
watari is one of the coolest looking characters in suikoden 3, possible one of the coolest looking characters in a video game period.

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