the best way of saving audio files. a thousand times better than sh-tty mp3 sound.
when i was young, i though i could save sp-ce and record all my composed music in .mp3 and found out later that when i did my first recording, i could hear disturbing artifacts. later on, i realized that it could be fixed but also found out that even with a good codec, mp3’s will always sound terrible from wav files.
wanna be chav
your such a wav
acronym for ‘we are very stoned’.

named so as to come up with a meaning for the word ‘wavs’ which was seen spelt incorrectly (waves) on the back of a bus in nairobi.
during a moment of complete silence in a room of stoners when high, one might just say ‘wavs’.

i’m so wavs’d
yo dude, do you wanna go and get wavs’d
.wav files, the format that owns mp3.
guy1:dude, i got mp3s, dude, kazaa roxxors my boxxors
guy2:you suck, i got wav files
guy1:oh yea? -plays music-
guy1:omg it sucks my earsss it burns and the riaa is coming to my house
guy2:dude, you got owned. b-tch.
irish expression for a p-n-s, coming from the well known and much loved guttering company, wavin pipes.
”i was sorely tempted to give her the wav. the way she was looking at me made me feel very peculiar indeed, inside my tummy”. commented eugene, regretfully.

”did you give her a length of the wav?” asked tony.
”f-ck off, you greaseball, practically everything that comes out of your mouth is innapropriate”. replied the bitterly disgruntled and weary employee.
a wav is a wanna-be chav. normally wants to get into a gang and tries to look like a chav but secretly listens to other music appart from r&b, hip-hop and garage.
person 1:look at that group of wavs overthere!
person 2:i know they should get a life!

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