acronym for the sarcastic phrase “whoop de f-ck-ng doo”.
“i made an acronym and submitted it to a website”

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  • lechnerpantz

    the combination of lechner & pantz, the letter “s” is never used on the end of lechnerpantz, symbolizing the b-tch-ll-ness that comes with the term. usually used at the end of the name lauren, and sometimes subst-tuted in slang, lechnapantz. “hey lauren lechnerpantz” “yo lechnerpantz!” “lechnapantz is so b-tch-ll” “last night, lechnerpantz sucked my scr-t-m”

  • blobber m*ffin

    a cross-breed between a blobber and a m-ffin the blobber m-ffin can be found in the out back of corby town centre usually scrounging through bins. they are often quite blobby and stupid just blobbing around blob blob o my god!!!!!!! there are two blobber m-ffins in that bush dun dun dehhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

  • m*f*ka

    motherf-cker. nicole’s such a m-f-ka sometimes!

  • blood running

    when you get hurt so bad you get up and run away. this usually happens when your bleeding a lot. when bill broke his arm he was blood running all the way to his house.

  • bl**dy face

    when your eatin a gurl out. and she starts her period in your mouth. dude i was eatin this gurl out last night and the b-tch gave me a bl–dy face.

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