why don’t u
wdu ask jace to take you instead

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  • zhamya

    a sensitive girl who gets into alot of drama and everyone knows her for getting into drama and stays getting in trouble she is pretty and cool loves the color purple . she doesn’t fight unless someone pushes her b-ttons. isnt zhamya the one who was just in the princ-p-l office ?

  • sourdick

    when a male genitalia penetrates the -n-l cavity to such an extent inwhich it p-sses through the hydrochloric acid contained within the stomach which then reaches to the oral orifice of the receiver such that the reciever is able to taste the “sour d-ck” ex 1- doug knew he had only seconds to live when […]

  • valyn

    slang for a slave translator valyn, get to work translating {random paragraph}!

  • inverted period

    when a woman acts with needless levels of aggression almost all the time, until one time of the month when they inexplicably treat others with kindness. guy 1: jenny’s acting weird this week guy 2: must be that time of the month. that’s the inverted period for ya.

  • lobster-eyed

    a state of extreme intoxication from alcohol, when you cannot focus to the point where yours eyes are just wandering around. man, chuck was so drunk last night, completely lobster-eyed. ya know, one eye going this way, the other that way.

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