weak as piss

dean baade
dean bad boy baade is weak as p-ss

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  • ecomilitarian

    someone who is obsessed with the military for the soul purpose of preserving the earth’s environments p1: who’s that guy roughing through your recycling? p2: oh, i’m sure he’s our local ecomilitarian, otherwise he’s on lsd

  • burple

    a n-gg- so dark that he/she is the color burple! a mix of black and purple! could u see shaun last night in the dark? no, that n-gg- is so dark that he is burple! i had to look for his eyes or teeth… powdered drink mix within a collapsing plastic tube, sold in the […]

  • drop the beef

    when a man is not wearing underwear and the tip of his p-n-s peeks out of his shorts. oh man! you’re about to drop the beef again!

  • cracksaw

    a violent or disturbing parody of something his smile was crooked and demented, his face a cracksaw of how it used to be when you credit card someone (take a card and slide it through someones -ss crack to cause discomfort) with a hacksaw, causing severe pain. dude i need a band- aid, i just […]

  • stormguard

    n. a mask for one who doesn’t like getting -j-c-l-t-d on in the face by their lover during intercourse. i’m glad i bought a stormguard, because joey can blast a mighty load. i didn’t get hit at all!

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