a beast of a week. used on a friday to reflect on a challenging 5 days in the office or in other place of work.
christ, that was a proper f-ck-ng weast. i needed to sink 4 beers on the train before i got home
the direction in which you have travelled when you went west instead of the correct direction, east.
a: dude, where are you? it’s been 20 minutes.

b: i turned left like you said!

a: no, dumb-ss. i said “east,” not “weast.”
the concept of not moving anywhere, combining “west” and “east”, considering moving west and east at the same time. also properly used combining any other direction and “weast” to create a new direction but with more cl-ss.
a: “where are you going?”
b: “nowhere man, i’m going weast.”

“where’s canada?”
“canada is north-weast good sir.”
a supremely elite being hailing from the shire of weastcove. let it be known only 3 weasts have ever existed; others have attempted to become recognized as weasts but failed, miserably. activites include h33fing trees, cheesing bowls, worshiping the dark lord, and in general being superior to anyone or anything.
weasts unite!
all hail the great weast!
weast as in “wild beast”. used to describe someone or something which is amazingly awesome. can also be used to replace a word whenever you feel like it. originally created by the brode in the b.b. bunker.
that party was so weast last night, i got home at like 4 o’weast.

that guy is so good at basketball, he is a total weast.
someone who is the complete ant-thesis of a beast “a weak beast”. they can not hang with people deemed to be beasts. they suck at everything. a typical weast will also want to go home while everyone else is partying and having a good time. some weasts do alot of drugs on a regular basis but all are very annoying yet think they are super cool.
that kid is not being on my team he is a weast

that teebs is a weast he keeps complaining he wants to go to another bar and there are plenty of girls here

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