web gem

a spectacular individual or collective defensive effort in a game of baseball that can result in a single out, double or triple play. a term popularized on espn’s baseball tonight which has a top 5 web gems segment.
the reds can always rely on ryan freel for a web gem or two.
used by espn’s “baseball tonight” to describe the best defensive plays and great catches in the field….

recently transformed into a word used in the dating world to describe a single man that other women would desire to be with…in other words someone that is a “good catch”
girl says to friend after her 1st date w/ new man: “he is such a webgem!”
an insanly sick play in baseball.
now that was a web gem
the combining, or combination of the words “unbearably” and “terrible” to form the word “unbearable.”
whoa, that guy is awful! that guy over there is the definition of web gems.
when a girl catches a load in her eye, and then blinks to create a spider-web like effect from the s-m-n! -noun-
hey dude, i gave my girl a nice web gem last night and now she needs gl-sses!
when a girl catches a mans spooge in her mouth when shot from a long distance, or when the spooge is caught in trick-shot fashion.
-girl catches mans jam in her mouth when shot from 6 feet away-
man: d-mn girl, you caught that sh-t like jim edmonds! now that’s a web gem nominee!!11

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