webcam vision

a few hours after you smoked all the majiurana in the world and you are so high you may experience webcam vision. webcam vision is when you are high and your head is moving but your vision is staying on one object, or also when you look at something but the vision doesn’t come to you a few minutes later because your head is on such over load. it only really happens if you have a extremely low tolerance, it’s like one of your first 5 times doing it, or you are extremely baked. if you ever have webcam vision it is one of the most awesome things in the world. there is also flashing webcam vision when the object your mind is stuck on starts flashing like a strobe light, and you think there is a mother f-cking earthquake.
person 1: ok bye marissa see you later. person 2: bro marissa left 5 minutes ago. person 1: sorry dude this f-ckin webcam vision is messing with me.

person 1: dude what the f-ck i’m moving and nothing else around me is, it is all just saying the same. person 2: bro u got a serious case of webcam vision.

person 1: hey shawn who brought this strobe light? person 2: dude u just got a f-cked up case of flashing webcam vision there ain’t no strobe light here.

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