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i just checked the “webulary” and found the word i was looking for and the definition.

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  • Weebie (weeba)

    a loser, idiot or dumb-ss dan stop being such a weeb how could you do that, you weebie!

  • Bungaberries

    1. a very sh-tty berry of any species. 2. rabbit/ mouse/ rodent sh-t. 1. ewww! this pie tastes like it was made with bungaberries. 2. yo man, stop scattering your pet’s bungaberries all over the rug.

  • bunglecrunckle

    what happens when a well meaning amateur daredevil hurts him or herself trying a ridiculous stunt. wally tried to jump over the park bench and a garbage can, but instead, caught his pant leg on the bench and bunglecrunckled his face!

  • Burbling

    when a person talks constantly not following a random or vague train of thought usually almst ignoring the imput of the other members of the conversation. often occurs when a person if tired and chatty. please stop burbling, your starting too p-ss everyone off, just go to sleep. the sound your b-tt or large intestines […]

  • burdingly

    large br–sts that get in the way of the owners way of life, by causing distraction to others around and by sheer bounciness. can also be refered to as burdinglies. 🙂 o b-ll-cks my burdingly chest is in the way so i cant give you a great big hug trav. medium to large breats that […]

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