one who has no wedgies in their fashion diet.
“ugh, that dude needs to become a wedgitarian. it looks like his b-tt is eating his pants.”

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  • butt-purr

    a female who is flatulance she b-tt-purred and it stinks.

  • don't get me fucking twisted

    don’t play games with me. don’t get me confused. don’t get me f-cking twisted by making indirect statements about me, like you won’t get f-cked up.

  • Evil Smile

    the characters used to express naughtiness of evil intention when on the net. “3y3 pwnz3d j00 >:)” “heh heh heh >:)”

  • feel down

    same thing as feel up, but down. pretty self explanitory to go down the pants and feel around i gave that chick a feel down on sat-rday

  • feels trip

    when a person is undergoing intense feels or a wave of emotion; “tripping on feels”. man, this anime is sadd…. i’m on a feels trip :'(

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