the 9 day celebration of marijuana. this joyous occasion falls annually on the jewish festivity hanukkah, however lasts one day longer. this is because weed burns one day longer. the birth of this beautiful event emerged from several facts. 1. jesus doesn’t get you high. 2. the necessity for a central spiritual and religious holiday for those who believe in the power of cannabis. the traditional colors of weedukkah are similar to those of christmas (red and green), with the addition of yellow, representing the eternal, soul warming sunshine the dank brings to our lives.

the official song of weedukkah (to the tune of dradle! dradle! dradle!):
bubbler, bubbler, bubbler,
i made you out of gl-ss.
when you’re full of water,
i’ll stuff you full of gr-ss!
december is here! i’m ready to celebrate weedukkah for the next 9 nights!

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