a white -ss egret who thinks he’s black.
“sh-t motha f-ck- look at that f-ck-ng wegret over there.”

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  • lake p*ssy

    a girl you meet at the lake, f-ck and then never see again. i hope i get some lake p-ssy this weekend. a girl who gets so wet her v-g-n-l secretions run down her leg. man that girl was so wet it was like she had a lake in her p-ssy.

  • weke

    to lever, poke, scr-pe, detatch, extract something from a place where it it stuck, using a tool or some kind. “oh, no, my ring has fallen between the gaps in the decking!” “here, let me just weke it out for you with my keys.”

  • ronnick

    the most lovable, loudest, possibly r-t-rded, (but we love him anyway) fred fredburger. probably a tranny. he has an iq between the range of 50 and 55. loves to jump around. smells bad. i hunger, i tired, i ronnick.

  • last of the chivalrikans

    refers to the very few present day men that still believe in and show chivalry towards women. i went on a date last night with this amazing guy. he opened doors for me, pulled out my chair, and didn’t even try to get any from me at the end of the night! he must be […]

  • mellow fellow

    a man that is calmer than usual, popularized by the song “mellow fellow” by b.o.b. “why is that dood reading at the ufc game” “i dunno, he’s a mellow fellow”

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