this word originated from the short-form of a certain, singaporean named weisheng. apparently the “eng” in weisheng is exceptionally hard to pr-nounce, so his friends started to call him “weish”, which is pr-nounce as “waysh”. weisheng is in a very fit condition, with a body to die for. weish is defined as a state in which an individual is very manly and of immense masculinity. (verb, noun, adverb, adjective)
siala. you d-mn weish leh!
d-mn i need to be weish.
here comes a weish.
i’m determined to become weish-ed.
when someone is too lethargic to reply with the proper use of english, and so instead replies with the word “weish”, as it can mean anything and everything.
boy: dude that party was so bangin’ last night!

lethargic dude: weish

boy: i saw you go off with stacey man, how was she?

lethargic dude: weish

boy: oh sweet!

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