well penis

your grandpa’s v-g-n-
if you see a rinkley old p-n-s, you know it’s your grandpa’s!

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    originating in se iowa it’s a brand of heavy metal whose band members, rather than having the traditional day jobs,live on welfare to support themselves. man, that welfare-core band was awesome, i wonder if they accept food stamps for their merch?

  • We're gonna be in the Hudson

    a decisive expression to indicate the last chance to save other lives when you are the responsible for them. capt. chesley “sully” sullenberger made a final radio call to the air-traffic control tower from his crippled jet: “we’re gonna be in the hudson” before he glided the plane into the river rather than risking a […]

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    the sound you make when you puke or barf. also -ssociated to some sounds in fps games online multiplayer modes when your character dies. dude, my whalfarg can make owls go blind

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