welsh best friend

wow. whata peng ting. my welsh best friend has big t-ts. it really gets me going. i love my welshy. because she is always there for me. she has mood swings like a kid on a swing. she is very h-rny and makes me very h-rny like a rhino. she is very fiittttt and always is laughing
wowwww. look at that welshy. she has big t-ts.

me: ikr. gets me going. that is my welsh best friend
what a f-ckin legend
your welsh best friend is a d-ck but you love him anyway because he’s an actual legend. he is very funny but can be an -rs- and talks about t-ts alot. he is always there for you and has a great eyebrow game. sometimes when he has had too much to drink he will facetime you until the early hours of the morning and won’t let you sleeeeppppp but you don’t mind because you love him 💙
p-ssyslayer67bigt-ts : his welsh best friend loves him because his eyebrow game is so f-ckin strong 👌👌

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