wes welker

a slot receiver for the new england patriots. ridiculously talented considering he is short and white. often the ire of opposing teams fans because when everybody else is covered he inexplicably becomes wide open.
i tried to watch the game in peace last sunday, but all i could say was, “d-mn you wes welker, sneaky little white man!”
a short white man who is inexplicably athletic.
bounced around the nfl for a while, owning but going largely unnoticed.
tom brady’s number two target after randy moss.
wes welker is the overman.
a reciever for the new england patriots, has one of the best p-rn names for an nfl player
jim: did you see wes welker last night?
mike: jim you know i dont watch p-rn
the most overrated reciever in the history of the national football league. he has been a slot reciever in new england for a year now, and is usually guarded by a 3 or 4 string corner or linebacker intill this year were he is the patriots 2nd reciever. and now, he’s sucking.
“hey man, you see wes welker’s 20 yard touchdown catch?, it was beast” “dude kawika mitch-ll was guarding him”

“bro, wes welker just caught a 40 yard p-ss!” ” yea, he was being guarded by dante hughes”

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