wet cupcake

done by a group of guys, the last person to c-m on the cupcake has to eat it.
thats some good cupcake.

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  • wet pear

    to wet pear a partner is to dip your b-lls in a cup of p-ss and then dip it into your partners mouth. what are we gonna do with this cup of p-ss. i say we give her a wet pear.

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    1. a person who, for one reason or another, doesn’t know how to go to the bathroom. 2. to make wet with urine without undressing. the scared little boy at school wetdiped the floor because he was afraid to ask if he could go to the bathroom.

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    an inconsiderate b-st-rd who insists on coming to work with a cold or flu, thus infecting the rest of the workforce i wouldn’t have got this cold if he wasn’t such a mucus trooper

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    the act of tr-mm-ng your pubic hairs staright into a partners mouth, and then urinating or -j-c-l-t-ng inside of it and then the partner swallows the tasty treat “that girl was crazy last night bro, she demanded i give her a wet bush”

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