Wet Slap

when a women slaps a mans face with the wet lips of her vigina. thus making a slapping sound.
i got wet slapped for being naught under the sheets.
when you lick the palm of your hand and b-tch slap someone.
a variation of the “wet willie”.
did you see that girl go up on stage and wet slap grooverider? it was rad.
when you get water on your hand and slap someone in the face, because not only does it get their face wet but it also makes an excellent sound.
john was p-ssing me off on the way to school so i put my hand in a rain puddle and wet slapped him.
when one bro slaps another bro in the face with seamen while one bro is vulnerable such as while he is sleeping, jerkin the gerkin, or drunk out of his mind.
yo last night chad was gettin it on with sally and i came up behind him and wet slaped that b-tch

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