a person who likes looking at their reflection, having overly involved friendships with the opposite s-x and being a general moist b-st-rd. may be found fake tanning, doing their hair or talking about feelings.
pete: ‘she’s a really handsome girl i’d love to have a spoon, cuddle and movie night’

tom: ‘you’re such a f-ck-ng wetty’
female s-xual arousal. equivalent to male woody.
the first time she rode a horse, keisha got a wetty.
the term given to someone who continuously makes excuses to not partic-p-te social activities etc they were invited to.

can also be used to describe someone who is generally boring and refuses to do anything exciting or anything out of the ordinary.
you still coming out tonight mate?” “nah don’t feel like it now, too tired” “don’t be a f-king wetty mate!
a lad/girl who spends all their time with their other half, rejecting mates to be loved up
youre such a wetty for spending the last week with your missus
fingering a woman and getting your fingers wet inside her v-g-n-.
lewi: “yeah i totally got my wetties in with sophie last night”

joe:”3 digits yeah? thats what she usually takes”
when someone throws a little temper tantrum.
often accompanied by the voice entering a higher vocal register than usual and occ-ssionaly with tears.
a person having a wetty: “oh no it’s so unfair, i hate you all, i just want a milkshake is that too much too ask?!?!”
the term commonly used to describe south african beers called black labels
rich: forbes, why didn’t you call me to come have a few million wetties with you last night.


wetties are never a worry

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