a white person who wished they were mexican or acts like a mexican.

full version of wexi: wexican
lindsey: angela, your a wexi.

angela: shut up, lindsey.

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  • brokerface

    when a bro puts on a front for his other bros, so that they cannot discern his actual intentions or feelings. can’t read my, can’t read my, no he can’t read my brokerface. i didn’t want graham to know i was hooking up with his girl, so i got my brokerface on.

  • brolerance

    the tolerance you have for your bros. man he hit my car, stole my girl, and lit a fart in my room. but we go back since elementary school so we’re still friends. high level of brolerance. also, most groomsmen have a high level of brolerance as girlfriends can be bridezillas.

  • brolette

    a female bro. irregardless of their s-xual orientation lady bros will often do things a bro would. they are not your sisters, they are your bros. brolette, wing-man, co-op buddie, laugh at dirty jokes, be funny, etc.

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